Why I Hate Words Like "Dilute" or "Mixed" When it Comes to Race

The kids were napping, the house was clean, food was cooked, and I realized I really had nothing I had to do.  Free time??  Score!  So obviously I decided to plop down on the couch and browse Facebook, stimulating right?

I stumbled upon a link for a response to Policymic's "Nation Geographic Concludes What Americans Will Look Like in 2050, and It's Beautiful."  It was The Hairpin's reaction entitled "Cancel What Americans Will Look Like in 2050."  

This paragraph from The Hairpin is what really struck me.

"Demographics are changing, attitudes about race are changing, yes; and I am glad for it. And maybe it's good that people keep writing pieces like this, so impossibly shallow and shortcut-minded that the subtext is clear as anything: look how nice we look, as a people, when white gets to be more interesting and minorities get to look white. Look at this freckled, green-eyed future. Look at how beautiful it is to see everything diluted that we used to hate."

The fact that we're still using words like "dilute" and "minorities" to refer to people pisses me off.  It shows me that race and how race is portrayed is apparently still a big, fucking deal.  They see different, I see separation.  

Because we keep saying race doesn't matter, and we keep saying we're fine with "mixed" relationships.  But articles like this show me we're not.  Because we're still fucking talking about it like it MEANS something that there's a possibility 40, 50 years down the road everyone might have several different races in their blood (as if the majority of us don't already!).  Why is that upsetting?  No one is saying it SHOULD be that way, and that you SHOULD strive to blend your family so that you can contribute to a changing society.  

You're bummed that some day we MIGHT no longer have, or at least look like, "pure" whites, blacks, asians, mexicans, indians, etc?  I'm not.  Because when we take all that away you know what we'll be left with?  People.  It's not about making us more interesting, it's about hoping that maybe someday when people look for partners, they will look ONLY at that potential mate as a person and not at how their ethnicity or color relates to their own.  

I don't care if you're dating/marrying/procreating within or outside your race.  I really don't.  I'm not hoping everyone will hop on the interracial bandwagon.  I just want it to stop being an issue, a conversational topic, or even a fucking comment EITHER WAY.  You have blonde haired, blue eyed babies?  Awesome, don't feel bad, you're not contributing to racism.  You have mocha colored and freckled skinned babies?  Awesome, don't feel bad, you're not ruining a single heritage.

The original piece by National Geographic was cool, that's it.  It was based on the fact that we're a changing society, that's it.  It was pointing out that race is becoming less of a big deal and hopefully will continue on that trend, that's it.  Leave it at that.  

They see blended, interracial, integrated, mixed.  I see family.

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2 Responses to “Why I Hate Words Like "Dilute" or "Mixed" When it Comes to Race”

  1. The thing is, we fall in love with who we fall in love with. My husband was the first 'white' guy I even dated. Didn't matter, it was just who I fell in love with. I wish people would get that. You fell in love with your husband, you made babies. There it is.

    1. Exactly, and that's all it should be.